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ThreatSpike Labs is a UK-based startup service, that offers free, fast and unrestricted VPN connections in UK and USA as well as secure remote access to all of your devices and existing networks. Yes, free!

UK & USA VPN plus remote network access:

Simply put, ThreatSpike provides you with control panel access to your free VPN, allowing you to protect your internet connection and remotely access other devices on your network. For instance, you can remotely access your home computer via your tablet or mobile phone.

This is a great solution if you need regular access to your home and/or business computer, regardless of your location. What’s more, you can add guest users to your account and keep track of all online activity over your VPN- an extremely useful feature if your children, friend or colleagues have access to your network.

How it works:

ThreatSpike implements advanced custom technology to ensure that your online activity is always encrypted. Each device is assigned a new IP address and can communicate with all other devices assigned by you to your account. All data transfer within your VPN is encrypted using the same cryptography techniques as used by banks and analyzed in order to identify and prevent hacking activity.

ThreatSpike Dome

When you are visiting a malicious website (and even a trusted one), ThreatSpike protects your device by identifying attacks on your browser and add-ons including Flash, PDF and Java.

Using ThreatSpike is fast and easy. You don’t need to download and install any software and can use the service simply by logging in to your online control panel on ThreatSpike’s official website.


1. Dashboard


2. Applications / network settings


3. Intelligent reporting system

Reporting System


It’s very rare to find a VPN that combines both fast and free into one sentence. This is why we are very excited to give special mention to ThreatSpike Labs. If you are looking for a legit, free VPN that also includes free remote access between your assigned devices, then check out ThreatSpike.

To get started, go to ThreatSpike’s official website, register your account (free), assign your computer, iPad or smartphone on your network….and you’re good to go.


One thought on “ThreatSpike Dome Review

  1. Repweekreviewer

    As an unofficial reviewer of VPN services, I’d stay far far away from this one. Remember, you get what you pay (or don’t) for.


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