6 Best VPNs for Watching BBC iPlayer Anywhere

BBC iPlayer is an extremely popular internet television and radio streaming service and software launched by the British Broadcasting Company in 2008, designed to bring UK residents some of the best British TV series and documentaries on their computers and smartphones.

The global platform shift of TV broadcasting to the internet gained instant popularity among desktop users, but especially with owners of table and smartphone devices, recording a staggering 177% viewer increase in 2012. Inevitably, this resulted in BBC further developing and launching custom software for Windows and Mac operating systems, followed by innovative applications for Android and iOS devices.

However, despite overwhelmingly growing numbers of users back in UK, fans of BBC iPlayer abroad, including British travellers and expatriates have found themselves at a dead end when trying to view iPlayer content in countries outside of the United Kingdom (USA for example). Regional restrictions applied to the iPlayer have resulted in all video content being made inaccessible outside of the British isles. Aiming to overcome the blocks, homesick Brits regularly attempt to access the service using various free proxies, only to encounter tedious streaming speeds that take all the enjoyment away from sitting down and watching a good show.

So what is the best solution for unblocking iPlayer from outside of the UK? The answer is simple – VPN. Unlike proxies, which only spoof your browser’s IP location to an extremely overloaded UK endpoint, a VPN actually changes your IP address to one based in the UK through a stable VPN server that will also provide you with full traffic encryption and incomparably better connection speeds. Essentially, this will let you appear like you are in the UK and allow you to enjoy video streaming without untimely disconnections and boring buffer screens. This video briefly explains how a VPN works and how it will benefit you:

The final question is – which VPN is the best specifically for iPlayer? We’ve put together a list of the best VPN providers that offer the fastest and most reliable UK servers, competitive prices and prompt customer support should you require it.

Logo Name Links Monthly Price
HideMyAss HideMyAss Read Review
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VPN.AC VPN.AC Read Review
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OverPlay OverPlay Read Review
Visit Provider
PureVPN PureVPN Read Review
Visit Provider
ibVPN ibVPN Read Review
Visit Provider
TorGuard TorGuard Read Review
Visit Provider
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