OverPlay VPN Launches Multi-Channel Smart DNS Region Switcher

Following a major revamp to their website, OverPlay have launched a new multi-channel region switcher as part of their service. The feature, called JetSwitch, will has been introduced to their Smart DNS service, and enables customers to simultaneously access geo-blocked content from different regions.

For instance, an OverPlay subscriber can stream content from the Netflix US-only catalogue, while, at the same time, have the option to browse content from an initially blocked site or service of a completely different region/country, e.g. Amazon Instant Germany. JetSwitch is activated automatically, when customers switch on their Global Smart DNS in their Admin control panel on the OverPlay website. This will enable thew multi-region option for any device where the service has been configured. OverPlay are one of the few Smart DNS providers to have bespoke iOS app, but at the moment the feature cannot yet be activated through it, and instead needs to be configured from the control panel. The process if easy, and here’s how it’s done:

  1. Log in to your OverPlay account
  2. In My Account, head to the Smart DNS section
  3. Make sure your Smart DNS is ON by turning it on in Global Settings; this will automatically activate JetSwitch
  4. In Location Settings, you can choose from the list of available channels and activate several portals at once

We’ve attached a clickable poster below, which outlines the same steps on a visual screenshot of the Smart DNS in the user dashboard settings:

OverPlay JetSwitch setup

And what is SmartDNS?

Smart DNS is somewhat of a cousin to VPN services, and serves specifically to unblock regionally censored websites and services by spoofing the user’s browser IP address to another location. Unlike VPN, Smart DNS does not offer any encryption, and can therefore only be recommended for simple online tasks like unblocking. If the user is seeking to cipher his/her traffic, then a VPN is required.

However services like OverPlay can offer both types of services for those customers who wish to have the best of both worlds. In fact, we’ve written a guide on choosing a Smart DNS provider, with most of the recommended companies offering both. Or if you would like to know more about OverPlay and their features, head to their official website via link below.

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