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BestVPNz would like to introduce our readers to a wonderful new application – Gliph.

Gliph is a smart, free messenger service that prides itself on maintaining the highest standard of user-privacy. The app allows you to communicate privately with your friends on your smartphone or via a web browser plugin (Chrome and Firefox). With Gliph, you can enjoy instant and picture messaging, web access and push notifications while remaining completely anonymous over their secure servers.


The main question is – how confidential is the service and how does Gliph keep your chats completely private?Technically put, your data is instantly hidden behind 256-bit SSL in transit and AES-256 encryption, before it is written to the server.  This means that all messages sent between two Gliph users are automatically encrypted before they are saved to disk, as they move between the Gliph apps and the Gliph server by SSL. For those in need of the strictest privacy, Gliph offers Lockdown Privacy Protection, which allows you to turn off Password Reset and enhances the security of your account even more.

On top of this brilliant new messenger service, Gliph also offers an email privacy tool called Gliph Cloaked Email, which lets you hide your assigned email address when you send or receive mail.

How it works

Getting started is quick and simple. All you have to do is choose your unique Gliph ID, which is a combination of picture icons called ‘Artifacts’. Your unique Gliph must consist of 3-5 ‘Artifacts’, that will define your user account. The combination of icons can be chosen based on your personality or at random by pressing ‘Go Wild’ in the top right corner. Then, choose your password, set your email and you’re good to go.


Inviting friends

As with any good messenger app, Gliph lets you quickly invite your friends by email, SMS and through Facebook. Once you’re logged in, choose ‘Invite Friends’ and start building your private circle.

Gliph menu

Invite friends

Gliph Email Address Cloaking

On top of its brilliant messenger, Gliph offers a paid Email Cloaking service, which includes many great features. For $2.99, Gliph provides you a cloaked (anonymous) email address that you can use within any ordinary email correspondence. This tool is particularly useful if you use Craigslist, meaning you can exchange mail with other Craigslist users, without ever revealing your real email address. Moreover, you will have the option to manage your Cloaked Email service, being able to keep track of who you emailed.

One excellent feature that we really want to emphasize on, is Gliph even lets you block email addresses, if you do not want to receive email from them anymore. Great for spam and for blocking unwanted contacts (see below):

Email Cloaking


In the modern world, where data confidentiality is a constant concern and your conversations are far from private, Gliph undoubtedly stands out as a pioneer at the very forefront of digital privacy. This is the first company that offers cross-platform applications, designed to encrypt text messaging and personal information exchange . Why do we confidently recommend Gliph? Because we believe that privacy is integral and your data should never be exposed on an unsecure server. Gliph offers you a completely free, instant messenger that will anonymize your mobile conversations behind tightly secured encryption protocols, while the same time, giving you control over your data.

“We secure your first name better than most websites secure your credit card”

– Rob Banagale, Co-founder of Gliph

(Gliph was founded in January, 2012 and officially launched at South by Southwest (SXSW), Austin, TX)

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