IPVanish OS X App 2.0 review

IPVanish has announced the release of a relaunched version of its Apple Mac VPN client. The heavily revamped app for OS X 10.10+ operating systems comes with a host of back-end upgrades, new settings as well as a new look. All of the new features had been put together by the US-based Tier 1 VPN provider based on feedback from their own customers. Let’s take a closer look.

New features

The updated settings section of the app comes with several very useful options designed to enhance both user experience and, ultimately, their privacy. Among the new options are:

  • Kill Switch – This feature is making regular appearances in modern bespoke provider clients, and it works by stopping all outbound and inbound traffic, should the VPN stop working at any point. This is a very handy tool if you don’t want to a single byte move to and from your device without encryption in place.
IPVanish OS X app Kill Switch
Option to enable internet kill switch
  • Choose server on map or by city – The first of the two is Pick by Map – an interactive feature that enables the user to pick a location from various regional server cluster based from an actual map. This is an easy-to-use feature, introduced as an alternative to traditional scroll down lists of all available VPN nodes. Particularly useful, as IPVanish have one of the largest and fastest growing server networks on the virtual private network market. The latter feature is the traditional server list, only this time, IPVanish have merged cities with multiple servers into one selectable location, which will connect you to the fastest available server in the area.
IPVanish OS X app server map
Interactive VPN server choice map
  • Bookmark favourite servers -This simple feature servers to personalise the user’s experience with the software. IPVanish customers can now save their favourite and most-used server locations from the long list by tagging the star next to any server. Having done this, those servers will now appear at the very top of the list, saving the user from having to scroll down every time they need to connect to the VPN.
IPVanish OS X app
Highlighting stars next to servers will bookmark the location, placing it at the top of the list
  • Randomised IP switching – The modulating IP feature proved to be popular among users of the IPVanish Windows client, therefore they have decided to throw this function into its Apple Mac counterpart. By enabling this feature and presetting the required time interval, the user’s anonymous IP address will automatically change without interrupting the VPN connection.

Other stuff

The new interface likewise adopts all the integral features that was found in the original client. Heading back into the General Settings, you will have the choice of several standard options that can commonly be found in most desktop VPN software, such as:

  • Startup on login
  • Connect automatically when app is launched
  • Default server choice: options range between closest city, last selection and specific city
  • Show the client in Dock menu
  • Automatically check for updates
  • Automatically send crash reports to IPVanish

IPVanish Mac app

On the third Settings tab, you can alter the DNS server configuration. IPVanish’s own private DNS servers are assigned by default, but the second option allows you to input another set of public or private DNS IP addresses. Both options are there to prevent DNS leaks, which can occur when using ISP-assigned DNS settings. In this instance, it’s recommend to use IPVanish DNS servers, simply because they are private, used by less people and are not going to be logged indefinitely as is the case with most public DNS variants.

IPVanish DNS server

Connected VPN

Once the settings have been configured to needed requirement and the desired server location chosen, the VPN connection can be established by flicking the Connect/Disconnect toggle switch in top-right hand corner of the app. When the connection is up and running, you will see a large green tick replace the red cross, and will indicate that your device has successfully connected to the VPN server.

Back in the Dashboard, you can view a graph that calculates amount of incoming and outgoing data, a few basic details about your connection, including Time of running connection and Public IP address that is assigned to the device. There is one more tab in the Dashboard called Log, and here you can view the detailed log of your connection. These are not traffic logs, but only basic connection logs that are available only to you and IPVanish. Note that all VPN providers, without exception, maintain basic connection logs.

The relaunched Mac client joins an impressive catalogue of custom-built applications that are also available for Windows, iOS and Android operating systems. Since 2013, IPVanish have implemented a widescale service expansion programme that has seen the company grow its network to over 11,000 anonymous IP addresses in 60+ countries.

To see how IPVanish fared in our speed tests and to get a better idea how this service works, we recommend checking out our detailed review. Or, visit their official website using the link below.

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