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VPN4ALL is an established provider of VPN services that we frequently come across when shortlisting new companies for review. We decided to take a closer look at them to see what kind of features they offer and find out whether they are a worthwhile and reliable VPN solution for you.

In a nutshell, VPN4ALL offers strong VPN security, full access to a large international server network and software that’s compatible with Windows, Macintosh, Android and iOS (iPad and iPhone) devices. Here’s a neat diagram that shows just how VPN4ALL works:


Encryption and Privacy

Without a VPN to carry and encrypt your internet traffic, all of the data passing to and from your computer is fully visible, whether it is the websites that you frequent (i.e. Gmail, Facebook, Twitter), the wifi network that you use or your ISP doing their job, somehow your personal data is constantly monitored and collected for records. The best way to prevent your traffic from being completely exposed is with a VPN and VPN4ALL does a very good job of implementing high-level security on their anonymous servers.

Unlike most providers that we’ve reviewed, VPN4ALL avoids offering the rather weak PPTP protocol, instead jumping straight to the mighty OpenVPN (256-AES with 2096-bit keys) encryption, which ensures that your data and original IP address are reshuffled with the help of complex cryptographic algorithms and become completely hidden from view.

Another excellent behind-the-scenes feature is the additional DNS protection that safeguards users from DNS spoofing – a common hacking technique that redirects people to malicious duplicates of legitimate services, in particular online banking and e-shopping destinations.

We always like to see a VPN company that applies innovative, custom encryption methods on their own servers, but it’s a bonus if their privacy policy is as impressive as their technology. This was the part where VPN4ALL completely won us over.

The company’s privacy statement indicates that they and their parent company (Web Broadcasting Ltd) are based in Seychelles which is regarded as a bit of an offshore safe haven for VPN and other technology companies, primarily due to its government refraining from imposing any data retention laws; which are all too common in the US and Europe.

When it comes to usage data, VPN4ALL does not monitor or store your traffic activity. This includes the websites you’ve visited, emails you’ve sent, anything you’ve watched or listened to – you get the picture. No logs. Moreover, in contrast to every other provider that we’ve covered to date, VPN4ALL doesn’t even collect the basic user data, which normally includes their original IP and location. Most other VPN services treat this as a standard, perhaps to meet the requirements of local data retention laws or simply to keep basic track of individual connections. VPN4ALL avoid all of this, providing you with that extra bit of privacy.

VPN4ALL privacy policy
Excerpt from VPN4ALL’s Privacy Policy

The way they accomplish this is by designating activation keys to user accounts. Instead of tracking your original IP and location each time you connect, VPN4ALL only monitors connections based on particular serial keys, which prevents any further personally identifiable information from being stored even by the company itself.


All VPN4ALL accounts come with free custom-built desktop software compatible with Windows and Mac systems as well as mobile applications for smartphone and tablet users (Android and iOS). Linux users can likewise set the service up via a manual OpenVPN configuration or any other third party VPN client.

Downloading and installing the desktop client for Windows took no longer than two minutes. The client bears a unique and most importantly – simple design. Don’t be alarmed about the lack of options as you’ll find them by clicking through to the “Menu”. This will bring up settings such as server locations, automatic IP change as well as enabling of TCP servers, Point-to-Point connections and DPI shield (this one is useful when you’re browsing from behind restrictive firewalls such as the one in China).

VPN4ALL Windows software
You can also move server location choice over to the minimised screen

Smartphone and tablet users can make use of VPN4ALL’s smart and very clean looking apps (available from the iTunes and Play stores). The apps features all the necessary settings including server location selection account status, parental controls and malware attack log.

VPN4ALL mobile app VPN4ALL mobile app 2

Speed Test

After being thoroughly impressed with their encryption methods and user-friendly applications, we were expecting VPN4ALL to at least show some flaws on the performance front. This is because quite a lot of providers tend to specialise in one area, but often show weaknesses on other fronts of their service, like speed for example. So we took VPN4ALL to the test on a 15Mb connection out of Europe, using their servers in USA, Netherlands and France.

1. New York, USA

VPN4ALL New York

Our test of the nearest US-based server showed that you can easily expect fast cross-continental speeds of up to 7Mb, ideal for streaming video content without any irritating buffering stoppages.

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

VPN4ALL is a very torrent-friendly provider, with multiple P2P-designated locations to choose from on the server menu. Amsterdam is one of them, and as our test shows, you can comfortably transfer torrents with an excellent 10Mb+ download speed. Remember, our internet speed is limited to 15Mb, so if your ISP can top that, VPN4ALL will easily push for faster results that the one we’ve achieved in our test.

VPN4ALL Amsterdam

3. France, Paris

Our final test was run through their France-based server, which also achieved similar results to the Amsterdam test. The result shows that VPN4ALL users from France or anywhere else in Europe can browse anonymously without experiencing any noticeable reduction in connection performance.



Overall, we enjoyed testing out VPN4ALL and noticed that this company ticked every box with regards to security and speed. We particularly liked the fact that they solely implement an excellent OpenVPN encryption on their software, which demonstrates that the company wants to direct their customers towards using the best available security methods.

Their extensive server locations in Europe, Asia and the Americas make the service very accessible for customers the world over, while they also have plenty of torrent-designated locations in countries such as the Netherlands, Sweden and Singapore to name a few.

On the price front, the service is a bit expensive, but certainly worth the purchase. The basic plan allows you a 50GB monthly allowance, which is plenty of bandwidth for regular anonymous browsing. Video streamers and download enthusiasts will probably find it more convenient to opt for the premium package, which provides unlimited bandwidth for unrestricted usage. However, if you only need to use the VPN on your mobile device, VPN4ALL also offers a package directed at smartphone and tablet users. This plan is cheaper than the aforementioned options, though it does limit you to 5GB per month.

All in all, we can confidently say that you will find exactly the type of VPN that you require with VPN4ALL. Whether you need it for anonymity or geo-unblocking; you will not be disappointed.


  • 80+ server locations, 10000+ IPs
  • 1Gbps port speeds
  • No logging, full anonymity
  • 1 fixed IP with each account
  • Multiple torrent-friendly servers
  • AES-256 RSA 2048bit encryption
  • Custom desktop software and mobile apps
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
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5 thoughts on “VPN4ALL Review”

  1. Makes me wish I could afford to at least try it. However, if there’s an absence of adequate technical support, there’s no point in it for most people.

    • Hi Matt,

      In our experience, VPN4ALL got back to our inquiries within 2-3 hours on the same day we contacted them. At the moment they don’t yet offer live chat support, but customers can get in touch by submitting an email-based ticket via their website.

  2. i had vpn4all once.NO INSTRUCTION how to st it up for optimal speed.it cut my 15mb signal to 1mb and less.my boyfriend paid $23.95 for house and android.house was sooo bad didnt even use it for a week.never bothered setting up android.

  3. Thanks for the information, I’ll give it a try to access Hulu from France. Hope it’s as fast as they claim!

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