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IPVanish is a provider of unrivalled VPN network speeds and offers more servers across the globe than most other providers on the market.

With choice of 140 VPN servers in 62 countries, IPVanish eliminates any worries about download speeds as you can route your web traffic through a server located closest to you. On top of this, you can freely choose between 14000+ global IP addresses to assign to your computer, while your real IP gets hidden from the public eye.

IPVanish VPN


When buying a VPN account, you should always consider how much monthly allowance a provider offers and IPVanish serves its VPN with no bandwidth restrictions. This means you can browse, download, chat, stream – do anything that you like to do online without having to turn your VPN off. We tested three servers in USA, UK and Spain to see if IPVanish delivered their promised speeds and we certainly weren’t disappointed:

1. New York, USA

IPVanish speed test New York USA

2. London , United Kingdom

IPVanish speed test London UK

3. Valencia, Spain

IPVanish speed test Valencia Spain

IPVanish Software

Aside from top VPN speeds and unlimited bandwidth, IPVanish lets you comfortably control your IPs location with their easy-to-use VPN client for Windows and Mac users. The client allows you to see available servers and check which ones would perform best for your location, leaving no need to constantly log in to your account on their website. If you are quite new to the world of VPN, you can avoid manual configuration by downloading the free VPN client from the IPVanish website. Here’s how it looks:

IPVanish Windows app

IPVanish for Online Gaming

For gamers, getting hit offline is a pain, while making do with an average internet connection and subsequent lag is likewise far from joy. You may have heard that having a VPN is beneficial for online gaming as it helpes prevent getting booted and improves your ping response. IPVanish is used by many online gamers to do just that. Recent upgrades to further improve ping response, assures that your traffic flows over this provider’s tier-1 VPN network, with multiple 10Mbps gateways located around the world. In essence, this results in faster speeds that through ‘public’ internet routes. What’s more, you have the option to choose a dedicated IPVanish server that you know is close to where popular MMORPG are hosted, which will lower ping time and this, hand you an edge over other players.

Why IPVanish?

So why pick IPVanish over other VPN providers? For us, IPVanish covered all vital parameters to look out for in a good VPN. This provider is by far one of the fastest we have tested, has no traffic restrictions (torrent transfers included) and does not maintain any activity logs on its servers. Check! Then there’s this – IPVanish makes a real emphasis on the term ‘anonymous’ by mixing up your traffic with that of other customers, meaning  data (which is already encrypted) can not be singled out to a single user. Whether you’re browsing in a WiFi hotspot, at the office or at home, you can hide your online identity by encrypting your traffic with one of three protocols that works best for you (PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN).

IPVanish own and manage the entire infrastructure of their VPN service, meaning that you get direct access to their tier-1 network. Check! IPVanish is compatible with all major operating systems (PC, Mac, Linux) and can be easily setup on iPad tablets, iPhones and Android smartphones. While other providers only allow one connection per account, IPVanish lets you connect 2 of your devices at the same time, which is extremely useful if you want to secure data on, for instance, your computer and your phone. Check! Here at BestVPNz, we can easily recommend IPVanish to be your long-term VPN solution if you are looking for internet privacy, speed, anonymity and reliability.


  • Many international server locations
  • No usage limits (unlimited bandwidth)
  • Gigabit port connection speeds
  • No user data or activity logs stored
  • Torrents allowed
  • Up to 2 simultaneous device connections
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Free Software for Windows & Mac
  • 24×7 support
  • Large choice of payment methods
  • 7-day moneyback guarantee

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10 thoughts on “IPVanish Review”

  1. Very strong stress test
    IPVanish: Version 1.3.12 (83) (Mac OS X 10.7.5)
      Very fast, even with a low connection, tested with the old router “Wireless type g” between two houses (one block with road in the middle, 10 meters). Equally fast and stable, 24 hours to 24 hours. Ubuntu Torrent (qBittorrent), from 1.2-GB, and 5 downloads (900 MB) with Safari Browser (old version), all together (2.1-GB) (average of 750 KiB / s)
    Torrents download of 700-KiB / s.
    Provider: 75 ms and speed-download of about 5 ~ 7 Mbs
    Practically excellent and perfect, using every bit of bandwidth.

  2. Now in my third year with IPVanish, and the fact that I have stayed here for this long is testament to the quality of service and, indeed, support on the rare occassion I’ve needed it. As standard, I enjoy a fibre optic speed of around 66-67Mbps. Dependant on the VPN server selected, this only drops by around 10% at mostTop marks for this company!, which is perfect. Well worth the investment for security and peace of mind! Top marks for this company!

  3. With the purchase, can I use the same VPN account and payment plan with my iOS7 iPhone, 10.9 iMac, and airbook? Or do I have to purchase 3 separate plans?

    • Hi Dean,

      IPVanish lets you connect up to 2 devices simultaneously on one account.


  4. Hi! How to pay for your VPN? I like to avail the 1 month and i want to try. Im from Philippines

    • Go to the IPVanish website (click the green “Visit Provider” button at the top of page) and you will be able to order your VPN account from there. Note that their accepted payment options include Card and Paypal.

  5. I actually got faster speeds than in your test – 26Mb/s on a LA server and that’s on the L2TP protocol, on which I thought downloads would be slower. I even like their simple personal control panel, no BS. Good service overall.

    • Hey Jordan, we’re glad you’re pleased with IPVanish and that your connection speeds superseded ours, good stuff. Just to add, the L2TP protocol generally won’t make a significant difference in download speeds compared to PPTP. It’s definitely more secure though. You’re more likely to notice slower speeds on the OpenVPN protocol and even more so with SSTP. Thanks for your feedback!

  6. At first I chose IPVanish for two reasons – torrents and choice of servers, but only after using it I realized how good it is compared to other services. The speed matches my usual connection with Verizon, I never have to turn it off. Even HD videos on Vimeo and Youtube stream without needing to pause and wait for the buffer. Hats off, this is the best VPN I have used in 2 years.

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