TorGuard Review

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9 / 10

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5 based on 1 reviews
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Our Score

9 / 10

User Rating
5 based on 1 reviews

Price $2.50

  • One of the fastest VPNs
  • Easy-to-use & very customisable apps
  • Offers dedicated and residential IPs
  • Has stealth protocol for China
  • Cheap on annual plan
  • Has a 7-day free trial
  • Offers premium proxy and secure email bundles
  • No RAM-only servers
  • Subscription options aren't always straightforward

As we continue to navigate our way through the world of online security, we’re constantly on the lookout for reliable, efficient VPNs to keep our online data safe. This brings me to my latest review — TorGuard. I’ve put this VPN service through its paces, and I’ll be sharing my findings with you in this detailed TorGuard review.

TorGuard VPN Facts

🏷 Price from (p/mo)$2.50
Speed411 Mb/s (out of 500)
📃 LogsNo logs
🌏 Servers3,000 servers in 50+ countries
📱 AppsWindows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Router, Chrome, Firefox
⚙️ FeaturesShadowsocks, private DNS, port forwarding, dedicated IPs, NAT firewall, stealth VPN, ads & malware blocker, streaming IPs
Works withNetflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, Amazon, torrents, PS5 and Xbox consoles
💻 Connections8 to 12 devices
🆘 Customer support24/7 live chat and email support
🆓 Free trialYes (7 days)
Refunds7-day money-back guarantee
A quick rundown of what TorGuard offers.

TorGuard Price: Three Plans Plus Bundles 💳

TorGuard’s pricing is competitive, and they offer a variety of plans to suit your needs.

VPN PlanMonthly PriceAnnual Price (50% off)Annual Price (per month)

Here’s a summary of what each plan offers:

  • Standard Plan: Supports up to eight devices, comes with a static IP pool.
  • Pro Plan: Supports up to 12 devices, includes one dedicated IP.
  • Premium Plan: Supports up to 30 devices, includes one dedicated IP, and a free router (available with the annual plan).

In addition to these plans, TorGuard offers various bundles that come with extra services.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from: Streaming, PrivateMail, Premium Proxy, or Private VPN Cloud.

If you’re running a business, TorGuard also offers a business VPN where you can add up to 15 seats.

TorGuard Free Trial

One of the best things about TorGuard is that they offer a fully-fledged seven-day free trial.

And if you decide to become a paying customer and later change your mind, you can request a refund within seven days of making your payment.

TorGuard Coupon: 50% Lifetime Discount!

Yes, you read that right! You can get a whopping 50% off on TorGuard products when you use the coupon code ‘TGLifetime50’ at checkout.

This promo is valid for Anonymous VPN, Anonymous Proxy, or Anonymous Webmail products.

TorGuard Speed: The Fastest VPN So Far 🏎️

I was seriously impressed with TorGuard’s speeds. They were absolutely phenomenal and, to date, it is the fastest VPN that I’ve tested.

WireGuard Performance Test Results

Here’s a look at the WireGuard performance results over three days. The speed is given in Mb/s:

UK – LondonNetherlandsUS – NYCanada – TorontoSingaporeAustralia – SydneyDaily Max
Day 1382214327367222244382
Day 2411228347212185119411
Day 3372201332333248231372
Location Max411228347367248244411

My nearby servers gave the best throughput, well in excess of 400 Mbps out of 500 Mbps original fibre connection. That’s fantastic!

Servers in the US and Canada, despite being across the ocean, were also speedy.

And there were no problems connecting to faraway servers in Southeast Asia and Australia.

Is TorGuard Safe? (Yes) 🔐

Here’s a quick summary table to illustrate TorGuard’s safety features:

No logs
Privacy-friendly jurisdictionNo (United States)
Strong encryption
No DNS, IPv6 leaks
No viruses or malware
Passed data packet inspection
RAM-only servers

Does TorGuard keep logs? (No)

TorGuard’s privacy policy states it doesn’t keep any logs. However, unlike some of its well-known competitors such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN, TorGuard hasn’t yet been independently audited by a trusted third party.

That said, TorGuard has been around for years and is a trusted VPN provider. It hasn’t been involved in any known logging scandals.

💡 Pro tip!
Looking for a fully audited VPN that doesn’t store your logs? See our No Logs VPN guide for our top picks.

Where is TorGuard based? 🇺🇸

TorGuard operates out of Florida, United States. While the US is a part of the Five Eyes surveillance network, there are still plenty of reputable US-based providers.

And there’s no mandatory data retention in the US.

For instance, Private Internet Access and IPVanish are both US-based and have proven in real-world cases that they can’t provide traffic data of their users to the courts.

DNS leak test results (passed) ✅

I ran IP leak tests on TorGuard using, and it passed with no red flags.

TorGuard also has its own VPN check tools to see what your IP address is as well as a tool to test your torrent IP, which I sometimes use myself to test torrent VPNs for leaks.

TorGuard app virus scan results (passed) ✅

The TorGuard Desktop VPN app for Mac passed the virus scan. It is safe to download and install.

VPN app test

Encryption test result (passed) ✅

I inspected my traffic while connected to TorGuard and found that its encryption works as advertised. I couldn’t discern any of my browsing data, which means the encryption is doing its job well.

How does TorGuard work? 📦

Let’s dive into the specifics:

  • TorGuard client: The VPN offers apps for all the popular operating systems and platforms, including Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS, and Linux.
  • Server network: TorGuard boasts a vast server network with over 3,000 nodes in more than 50 countries.
  • VPN and privacy features: The service provides Shadowsocks, private DNS, port forwarding, dedicated IPs, NAT firewall, stealth VPN, ads & malware blocker, and streaming-optimised IP addresses.
  • Encryption protocols: For those concerned about security, you can choose from Stunnel, OpenVPN, OpenConnect, Wireguard, and IKEv2.
  • Router compatibility: TorGuard is not only compatible with routers, but it also sells its own VPN-ready routers.
  • Browser extensions: It provides proxy browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox
TorGuard client

TorGuard server list

TorGuard gives you access to more than 3,000 VPN servers, in over 50 countries including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, several locations in Europe and Asia, as well as select locations in Africa and the Middle East. That’s a decent range, without question.

TorGuard server list

TorGuard apps 📱

TorGuard offers easy-to-use apps for all major operating systems.

The desktop app is jam-packed with advanced VPN options, including kill switch, IPV6 protection, DNS settings, and much more. It also allows you to sort servers by alphabetical order, their load, and proximity.

TorGuard DNS

TorGuard provides private DNS servers with its VPN connection to fully anonymize your DNS queries.

Its DNS options are really versatile, allowing you to choose from the provider’s own DNS options, public DNS presets, or even set your own custom DNS.

TorGuard DNS

TorGuard proxy servers

TorGuard’s Premium proxy service offers up to 10GB speeds and v2ray CDN servers. This service is an excellent choice if you need to cloak your IP but don’t have an urgent need to protect your online privacy.

With this proxy, you’ll get access to more than 300 servers in more than 20 regions, globally.

Residential IP

TorGuard offers access to both dedicated and residential IP addresses. These are leased from large ISPs in the US and UK, allowing for seamless browsing.

Does TorGuard work with Netflix? (Yes) 🍿

Yes, TorGuard works with Netflix and can unblock geo-restricted content. To enjoy a seamless streaming experience, you would need the Streaming bundle or the Streaming IPs add-on.

💡 Pro tip!
If you need to compare VPNs for how well they work with Netflix, check out our Netflix VPN guide.

TorGuard Netflix not working? Here’s the fix.

If you’re seeing a Netflix error message, you likely have the standard VPN subscription. For a seamless streaming experience, consider getting the Streaming bundle or the Streaming IPs add-on.

TorGuard Torrent policy (allowed)

Despite past legal troubles involving copyright infringement allegations, TorGuard allows torrenting on all its servers. During my test for torrent IP leaks using qbittorrent, I found no leaks at all. So, it’s safe for torrenting.

TorGuard review Reddit user recommendations

TorGuard generally has a good reputation among Reddit users. And despite me stumbling on a few posts where Redditors weren’t happy with TorGuard’s past tough torrenting policy — which was a result of some legal issues, the overall sentiment is that it is a good, all-round VPN.

For instance, the user in the screenshot below was very happy with TorGuard’s speeds (as was I) and the level of service.

TorGuard Reddit

This user — see the next screenshot below — said he’s been a customer for over 10 years, thanks to the lifetime offer, which you can also take advantage off by going to TorGuard’s website and entering the code “TGLifetime50”.

TorGuard Reddit

TorGuard vs BTGuard comparison

Based inUnited StatesCanada
Price from (p/mo)$2.50$6.95
411 Mb/s (out of 500 Mb/s)
98 Mb/s (out of 500 Mb/s)
LogsNo logs (not audited)No logs (not audited)
Servers3,000 servers in 50+ countries3 countries
AppsWindows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Router, Chrome, FirefoxThird party VPN clients
FeaturesShadowsocks, custom DNS, port forwarding, dedicated IPs, NAT firewall, stealth VPN, ads & malware blocker, streaming IPsTorrenting support, anonymous proxy, unlimited bandwidth, SOCKS5 proxy included, AES-256 encryption
Works withNetflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, Amazon, torrents, PS5 and Xbox consolesTorrents, browsers
Connections8 to 12 devicesUp to 3 simultaneous connections
Customer support24/7 live chat and email supportEmail ticketing system
Free trialYes (7 days)No
Refunds7-day money-back guarantee7-day money-back guarantee
TorGuard and BTGuard compared side by side.

It’s clear that TorGuard is much more versatile and advanced as a VPN service than BTGuard.

It simply offers a broader range of features, including its own native apps. Plus, with its support for the Wireguard protocol, you’ll benefit from a lot better speeds.

TorGuard private email 📧

Besides being an exceptional VPN service, TorGuard also offers a secure email service known as Private-Mail.

With Private-Mail, you’ll get up to 10GB of encrypted email as well as cloud storage.

The service also allows you to choose up to five email aliases on the basic plan and up to twenty on the Pro plan.

It also comes with some rather cool features including secure file-sharing and self-destructing emails.

Note that this is a separate service from the VPN and proxy, but it adds another layer to TorGuard’s overall internet privacy offerings.

TorGuard support for customers

TorGuard really shines with its level of support. It boasts a solid support centre filled with several great options for users needing technical help.

You can benefit from prompt round-the-clock email ticket support service as well as live chat. On its website, you’ll also find a comprehensive FAQ/troubleshooting section, a knowledge base and even a user community forum, something that not all providers can offer.

My experience with TorGuard’s support was excellent. I reached out via their live chat feature, and their team responded and resolved my query in less than a minute, which was really impressive.

TorGuard Review Verdict: 9 Out of 10 Score ⭐

After having extensively tested TorGuard over the years, I can confidently say that it’s an exceptionally feature-rich provider. The level of customisation available in TorGuard’s apps is probably on par with a service like Private Internet Access.

Furthermore, it’s the fastest VPN I’ve tested to date. User posts on TorGuard’s own forums confirm this, with many users noting that the service has gotten faster over the years, especially since adding support for the Wireguard protocol.

TorGuard is a well-established name in the VPN market and has a uniqueness about it that makes it stand out a worthy VPN choice.

It has a certain “founder-run” feel to it, suggesting a lot of care and dedication has been put into its development.

What impresses me most about TorGuard is its commitment to providing a robust, flexible VPN service that’s packed with useful features. This includes a premium proxy service and the ability to support a wide range of devices. Best of all, it offers this high-quality service without costing you a fortune.

So, if you’re in need of a reliable, versatile VPN service that doesn’t break the bank and also offers additional handy products, TorGuard should be at the top of your list.

With its advanced features, exceptional speed, user-friendly apps, and excellent customer support, TorGuard definitely stands out as a top-notch VPN provider.

My overall score for my TorGuard review, therefore, stands at an impressive 9 out of 10!

TorGuard VPN Review FAQs

Does TorGuard use OpenVPN?

Yes, TorGuard supports OpenVPN, an industry-standard VPN protocol known for its balance of speed and security. Users can select OpenVPN as their protocol in the TorGuard app settings.

How to set up TorGuard?

Setting up TorGuard is straightforward. Simply download the app from the TorGuard website or your device’s app store, install it, then log in with your TorGuard account details and connect to a server.

What is the fastest TorGuard server?

The fastest TorGuard server typically depends on your location and network conditions. Generally, choosing a server close to your location will provide the best speed. TorGuard’s app also lets you sort servers by their load for optimal performance.

Does TorGuard work with Fire TV?

Yes, TorGuard provides a native app for Amazon Fire TV. This makes it easy to protect your streaming activities and access geo-restricted content on your Fire TV device.

Does TorGuard work with Kodi?

Absolutely, TorGuard is compatible with Kodi. By running TorGuard while using Kodi, you can maintain your privacy and even access geo-blocked add-ons.

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