VPN Deals & Discount Coupons

Nothing beats a good offer when shopping online. And although there’s no shortage of VPN deals and coupons around, it’s not always easy to find them all in one place.

Here you can discover the latest VPN discounts, rounded up. We regularly check the offers to make sure they’re valid, so you can save big on the most sought after VPNs on the market.

Editor’s choice VPN deal ⭐

The best deal on VPN as picked by our editorial team. Combines a mix of value for money and service quality.

Save 84% on Surfshark VPN

Two years for only $2.05 p/mo + 2 months FREE.

Best deals on VPNs — top picks 🛒

The hottest VPN offers you can find.

As with the top pick, we’ve chosen these particular deals based on a healthy blend of how good and reputable the service is for popular use cases as well as how good the service proved to be when we tested it out.

If the editor’s choice isn’t quite for, these VPN deals are definitely worth your scan.

Save 68% on NordVPN

And get 3 months FREE

CyberGhost VPN for just $2.03 p/m

Plus 4 months FREE on the two-year plan.

Save 67% on TunnelBear

Get three years of TunnelBear VPN for only $3.33 p/mo.

Lifetime VPN deals ♾️

Looking for a lifetime VPN subscription with a discount coupon?

These offers are quite rare. But that doesn’t mean they’re impossible to find. Below are coupons, including exclusive ones that you won’t find elsewhere, that will get you a lifetime, recurrent discount on your VPN bills.

To redeem the lifetime offer, make sure you copy one of the special promo codes below and paste them during checkout on the VPN provider’s website.

-20% LIFETIME discount on VPN.ac

An exclusive BestVPNz.com offer on any VPN.ac plan.

-50% RECURRING discount on TorGuard

Use promo code to get a 50% recurring discount on any TorGuard plan.

Cheap VPN deals 🤑

Here are the picks of the cheapest VPNs on the market calculated by monthly price.

Expectedly, these deals require a much longer commitment. But they will save you a lot of your hard-earned money by costing as little as $1 per month when worked out on a monthly basis.

Save 88% on PureVPN

Get PureVPN’s five-year plan for only $1.33 p/mo.

Ivacy VPN – 5 years for $60

Get 5 years with Ivacy for only $1 per month.

VPN discounts — more great offers 🛍️

2-year deals

Thinking of grabbing a long-term VPN subscription?

Many of the top VPN services nowadays offer two-year plans that come big discounts and other perks. Below we’ve listed the top 24-month VPN deals.

And on top of the money you’ll be saving, you’re also likely to get some extra months of the service for free. These are definitely offers worth looking out for.

Save 84% on Surfshark VPN

Get two years for only $2.05 p/mo + 2 months FREE.

-63% discount on NordVPN

Save 63% on NordVPN’s two-year plan and get 3 months extra FREE.

Save 84% on CyberGhost VPN

Just $2.03 p/mo + get 4 months FREE.

Save 50% on ProtonVPN

Two years with ProtonVPN for just $3.99 p/mo + 6 MONTHS FREE.

Save 40% on Proton Unlimited

Bag all of Proton’s products, including ProtonMail, for only $7.19 p/mo.

Save 62% on VPN.ac

Get two years with VPN.ac for just $3.75 per month.

Save 70% on HideIPVPN

Get HideIPVPN’s 24-month plan for just $2.99 p/mo.

Save 82% on Private Internet Access

Just $2.19 p/mo for a two-year subscription p/mo.

Save 72% on VPNShazam

Just $2.49 per month for VPNShazam’s Turbo plan.

1-year deals

You’ll pretty much always save some cash if you sign up to a one-year VPN plan as opposed to a basic, rolling monthly subscription.

The level of discount does vary by provider, but you’ll be able to find deals costing close to $3 per month, which is significantly cheaper than the average price of a monthly subscription.

But keep in mind that you’ll normally need to pay the full year up front.

Save 70% on PureVPN

Get PureVPN’s annual plan for only $3.24 p/mo.

Save 59% on NordVPN

NordVPN Complete annual plan for $5.38 p/mo + 3 months FREE.

Save $87.89 with StrongVPN

Get your first year with StrongVPN for only $3.66 p/mo.

Save 40% on ProtonVPN Plus

One year of ProtonVPN Plus for $4.79 p/mo + 3 months FREE.

Save 66% on IPVanish

Buy one year with IPVanish for only $3.99 p/mo.

Save 25% on BTGuard

Enjoy BTGuard’s 12-month plan for $7.50 p/mo.

Save 49% on ExpressVPN

Buy one year with ExpressVPN for $6.67 p/mo + 3 months FREE.

Save 50% on VyprVPN

Get VyprVPN’s 12-month plan for just $5 p/mo.

Save 46% on VPN.ac

Get one year with VPN.ac for just $4.80 per month.

Save 50% on Le VPN annual

Save 50% on 12 months with Le VPN ($4.95 /mo). No code required.

Save 53% on VPNShazam annual

Get VPNShazam’s Turbo package for just $4.16 p/mo.

Save 69% on Surfshark VPN

Get one year with Surfshark for just $3.99 p/mo.

Save 50% on HideIPVPN

Get one year with HideIPVPN for only $4.99 p/mo.

6-month deals

If a semi-annual VPN subscription is the longest you’re willing to commit to at this moment, then you’re in luck. There are plenty of VPNs offering their service – at a discount – for a six-month period.

These are the best half-a-year VPN deals we’ve found.

Save 23% on ExpressVPN

Get ExpressVPN’s six-month plan for $9.99 p/mo.

Save 15% on BTGuard

Get BTGuard’s semi-annual plan for just $4.16 p/mo.

Save 37% on Private Internet Access

Get PIA VPN for six months for $7.50 p/mo.

Save 46% on CyberGhost VPN

Get 6 months with CyberGhost for $6.99 per month.

3-month deals

Some VPNs also have quarterly plans. Meaning you don’t have to commit to a lengthy period but can still save versus the more expensive rolling monthly plans.

Here are the top VPN deals we’ve found with three-month subscriptions.

Save 16% on IPVanish

Get the IPVanish quarterly plan for $10 p/mo.

Save 5% on BTGuard

Get BTGuard’s three month plan for $2.33 p/mo.

Save 11% on VPN.ac

Get the VPN.ac quarterly plan for $8 p/mo.

Save 25% on VPNShazam

Get VPNShazam’s three-month plan for $6.66 p/mo.

Monthly deals

Occasionally, even the basic monthly VPN plans are discounted. If they are, you’ll find them right here.

On average, rolling monthly VPN subscriptions cost between $10 and $11. So if you only want to try a service out for a month but still want to save some money, see what’s listed in this section.

Save 30% on HideIPVPN

Get one month with HideIPVPN for $6.99 and save 30%.

VPN discounts, deals, coupons FAQ

What is the best VPN deal?

Our top pick for the best deal on a VPN is the ‘-84% offer’ by Surfshark, which also throws in 2 months of extra service for free.

How to get VPN deals?

The best way to get a VPN deal is to look for a VPN review site like this one, where you can find aggregated lists of the top current offers. Another great option is to wait for seasonal promotions. Many providers offer worthwhile Black Friday VPN deals, starting from November and usually through till the end of the year.

Are VPNs expensive?

Although VPN subscriptions can and do vary by price, they often offer very similar packages as many are in close competition with each other. A single month’s subscription tends to cost in the region of $10. But providers will typically offer sizeable discounts on longer subscriptions. For example, one- and two-year plans on average cost approximately $3 per month.

What is the cheapest VPN?

The cheapest VPN we’ve come across is Ivacy VPN, which for a five-year subscriptions works out to $1 per month.

What is the cheapest monthly VPN?

Some VPN providers have freemium plans, often with very few features and throttled speeds. The cheapest monthly VPN plan we’ve tested is offered by VPN.ac at $9 per month.

Which VPN offers a free trial?

Most VPN services don’t offer free trial, instead giving subscribers a risk-free purchase money-back guarantee. But it’s still possible to find VPNs with free trials, such as ProtonVPN, CyberGhost, Tunnelbear, Ivacy VPN, Windscribe and HideMyAss.

What VPN is completely free?

Most free VPNs are either very limited in features and throttle speeds or can in fact be a privacy risk. There’s almost always a catch with completely ‘free VPNs’ as these services tend to make money in other ways, like harvesting and selling your data. But among the legitimately safe freemium VPNs that – don’t cost anything – are the likes of VyprVPN, ProtonVPN, TunnelBear and Windscribe.

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