NordVPN launches private DNS servers

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NordVPN has announced the launch of its own DNS servers. The upgrade means that customers of the Panama-based VPN service now have the option to enhance their online security by using private DNS servers.

The servers, which are already up, running and available to use, are designed to prevent IP address leaks that may not be preventable solely with an active VPN connection, and may lead to third parties being able to gather the VPN user’s data over unsecure wifi hotspots.

DNS, which stands for Domain Name System is a standard used by all devices connected to the internet in order to communicate between servers hosting websites and email addresses. For instance, having typed a web URL into a browser’s address bar, DNS will be used as a bridge between your internet service provider’s DNS server and that of the visited website.

However, Windows users in particular face a common security issue in the form of a DNS leak. These can occur when a device begins leaking their original IP address over the routine DNS process, and, unfortunately, a VPN connection alone can’t always prevent them.

One common fix is to assign public domain name servers to your network. Popular options include Google’s Public DNS and OpenDNS. It’s worth noting, though, that both of these are publically available and both store temporary as well as permanent logs. NordVPN, on the other hand, provides a fully private DNS option, open only to its subscribers and does not store any HTTP request logs. The company’s local jurisdiction – Panama, does not implement data retention laws, therefore NordVPN is not obligated to collect and store this type of data.

To learn more about NordVPN and find out about its VPN performance capabilities, take a look at our detailed review. Or, you can visit their website using the link below.

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  1. Hello, Yesah,

    We are very pleased to have you onboard and will try to help you if any question arise. Firstly, I would like to guarantee that we do not use Google DNS servers. We have private DNS servers and all requests go through there.

    So to make sure NordVPN does not leak your DNS requests you would need to flush your DNS history and redo the test when connected to NordVPN server. If you have trouble doing any of the steps, you can contact our live chat support 24/7 at:

  2. I am using NordVPN and ran a DNS test and it shows that NordVPN uses google DNS servers. I have read that private servers are available now. I would like to know, how can I make sure I am only using NordVPN servers and is this option even available? Thank you.

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